what is Your Body Legacy Story?

Our mission

We believe everyone has their best version within them waiting to be revealed.

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Our mission

We believe everyone has their best version within them waiting to be revealed.

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    Be The Best Version of Yourself.

    We believe everyone has their best version within them waiting to be revealed. Our mission is to inspire others to create that best self through fitness.

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    Live A Purposeful Life.

    Fitness provides the foundation for a strong, healthy body which allows you to thrive in other areas of your life. A fit foundation channels a happy, healthy mind and spirit.

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    Create A Living Legacy.

    When you think of your fitness we want you to think of what vision is driving you, what people you love, or what version of yourself you are inspired to become. Your fitness is the base to support you showing up fully.

What is Your Body Legacy Story?

So who are you called to be?

A better mother, father, friend, spouse, child, entrepreneur, leader, advocate… we would love to know. You can only live that vision if you are healthy, and energetically available, right? It is taking care of your vitality. Who can be inspired and available if they are depleted, sick, and exhausted?

That’s why your fitness is the foundation.

Take a picture, video, or post about the people you love or the vision you are called to. These are the people and this is the WHY that will keep you going when you want to give up.

Add #mybodylegacy and tag us @mybodylegacy for a chance to win some sweet swag.

Regret can be a devastating adversary. The feeling that your best years are behind you can steal the joy and optimism we feel waking up everyday. Reliving past failures, past mistakes is a never ending nightmare that slowly dims our passion for living. Regretting not having taken that chance, not having pursued that passion, not being in the place you dreamed of at this point in your life. Life can hit hard

But so do we

We are not defined by our past, we are TODAY and the sum of our daily actions. Every day we wake up with the opportunity to do better, to live our life with purpose, to become the very best version of ourselves.

OUR LEGACY is not what we leave behind, our LEGACY is a living declaration of how we live everyday.

That spirit that lives in all of us, to live to the fullest of our potential. To rise up and overcome whatever adversities life brings us. To show up more focused and inspired in our professional circles and to the world around us. To be stronger and healthier for our TRIBE and the people who mean the most to us!


Since starting my journey with Body Legacy, I've been able to improve in a lot of areas of my life. Primarily feeling healthier, happier and more inspired. Making my health a priority along with adding Body Legacy to my daily routine has changed the game for me!
Artie E.
I am super busy and figuring out what supplements to take felt so confusing. I am so glad I found Body Legacy! Their products say exactly what they are for and when to use them. This has made a huge difference for me! I lost weight, feel great, sleep better and have more confidence. My clothes fit great and it’s easy to stay on track.
Amy J.
I absolutely love BURN and it goes with me everywhere I go. It is allowing me to drink water, lose weight, tone up my body, & stops me from mindless eating. I feel better than I’ve felt in years, healthy-looking and healthy inside is what is most important to me!
In a little over 10 weeks, I’ve lost 26 LBS!! Not changing my diet, not working out, hardly moving at all!! Just from drinking more water and using the Burn Vibe. Now, I’m moving around more and expect even more positive results!
Jennifer K.