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Our core values

1. Choose Belief over Doubt.

Our minds can be our biggest adversary. We tend to focus on what could go wrong in any given situation. Don’t let your doubts stop you from your goals, your dreams, whatever it is that you aspire to do. Focus instead on the BELIEF that your hard work will pay off. Visualize yourself accomplishing your goal because you have put forth the effort and dedication necessary to make it happen. Your BELIEF in yourself has to be stronger than your doubt.

2. Live a Purposeful Life!

When we are challenged, it is instinctual to think only about yourself and your situation. You feel alone. In these moments, we need to summon something bigger than ourselves. What is your purpose? What in your world means more to you than yourself? Your significant other, your family, a cause? In life we need to have a purpose to drive our actions. When something is for your greater purpose, you will always find a reason to do something versus a reason to quit.

3. Keep Your Word.

We commit to always keep our word to ourselves and everyone else. We strive to keep our word and if we break our word we negotiate and recommit to what we will do. Our word is our bond. “If I say it, it is done.” This creates integrity and trust, starting from the inside out. You become the person you can count on and that others can count on as well.

4. Work Hard (Give Your Best).

Your success is directly proportional to the amount of effort you put into something. There will always be someone more talented than you, someone with certain advantages that we don’t. But the one level playing field is our level of effort we give to anything we do. You may have all the potential in the world to be great but without the necessary drive to put it to work, you will never realize the greatness within yourself.

5. Commit to Getting Better Each Day.

Even 1% improvement in health, life, business compounds over time. We believe that each human is here to make this world better than the generation before. So even small improvements over time can shift an entire family legacy. We keep our minds open and eagerly take on opportunities to learn, grow, and progress.

6. Keep Learning.

While we honor the wisdom we have gained or how masterful we become, we know that there is always more to learn. All that you know has made you the person you are right now. The “Know it All” is locked in a box of his or her own limits. In order to become the best version of yourself, you will need to commit to being open to other perspectives and new ways of doing things.

7. If You Make a Mistake, OWN it!

Mistakes are part of life. We are human. This doesn’t make you a bad person. Don’t make excuses for it, take responsibility. If an apology is owed, give it! There are things in life that we all wish we could have done differently, but we can’t turn back. All we can do is learn from the mistakes we made, assess what we could have done differently, and commit to being better moving forward.

8. Be. Do. Have.

Many people believe that when they HAVE the body, health, love, or money they are dreaming of- then they will be able to DO the things they want to do like work out, travel, fall in love. Then they will BE happy. We know it is the opposite. It all starts with being. When we choose to BE happy, and we DO things from that place, we will HAVE what we are wanting to create.

9. Live in Gratitude.

Be grateful for the things that you have in your life, your loved ones, the opportunity to chase your dreams, your health.  The opportunity to wake up everyday and decide how you show up to those around you. It is easy for us to think about things that are missing in our lives, but this is when we need to live and be grateful for the things that we do have.

10. Take Total Ownership of Your Life.

We choose to believe that everything that exists in our life right now has been chosen by us, consciously or unconsciously. We choose to own that the life we have now is a sum total of our daily actions and choices and we own all of it. From this place we evaluate the quality of our lives and make our new choices in alignment with the life we desire to create.

11. Be Consistent.

We know that our consistent, daily habits will lead us to a destiny. Napoleon Hill called this Cosmic Habit Force. We choose to show up again, and again. If we fall down, we get up. You create the habits and eventually the habits make you. You may miss a day at the gym or fail on your diet one day. That doesn’t mean it’s over. You get right back on track. That consistency over time will build who you become. We focus on progress not perfection.